This blog is a catch-all. I aim for complete thoughts, coherent logic – and not too much editing.

I write poetry and garden thoughts, with increasingly common detours into pandemic and disaster musings. My first published poem came out in Modern Haiku, October 2018, and I was a featured reader at Coastside Poetry in February 2019. When it comes to poetry, I write sometimes on purpose and sometimes by accident. I focus on the intersection of time and place, and I care a lot about precision. When a poem goes well, it comes close to capturing the detail and clarity of a still life painting. This thing, at this moment, viewed from this angle, by these people – and why it matters.

I also write a lot about work. The human interactions that happen in offices, the communities we build up at work and how they function – that’s fascinating to me, and I think somewhat untapped from a poetic perspective.

Professionally, I work as a product manager at Google. That said, this is my personal blog; the opinions, ideas, musings, rants, etc. I post are my own.