Today I did the scary thing. I emailed the woman who runs the poetry sessions I’ve been attending, and said yes, if you still have openings next season, I’d love to be a featured reader.




That is all.

The remodel began last week

The remodel began last week
and all is tarps and chaos, splinters and dust
unanswered emails and dinner out.

In hundred degree weather the strawberries wilt
next to sprinkler lines I only just realized were cut.
In the early dusk I was bitten by a wasp
my feet up on the Adirondack chair’s footrest
on the the patio farthest from the house, a refuge from the heat.

It begins again tomorrow
and yet
I am pleased. After all this, it’s begun.


Sometimes I feel like I don’t write enough, and then I look at what I’ve written, and I wonder how I could think that.

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