… for the colleague who, upon learning I would be late because the shuttle I was on was late, said, “no problem, don’t rush on my account – take a minute to get coffee or whatever” and thus set a tone of calmness for my entire day.

I usually think I’m pretty good at taking care of myself, but dang. Without this suggestion I totally would have rushed to the meeting, coat and handbag in hand, coffee precariously balanced on laptop, not calm. And the opposite of prepared to have a useful conversation.

Instead – general goodness and a useful catch-up.

Thank you, awesome colleague. You improved my day.


  1. My new desk at work being far far away from the overactive air conditioner.
  2. The chance to offer (I hope helpful) ideas / thoughts to a colleague who has so often provided me with (very helpful) ideas / thoughts.
  3. Grapefruit marmalade.
  4. The sky being unusually dark tonight —> good star viewing.
  5. I made it to the gym. I ran for 7 straight minutes out of my usual 20 – may not sound like a lot but it’s the longest interval I’ve done since recovering from a broken ankle. Then I did situps. And plank. It felt good, and it took an hour all-in.
  6. My car.
  7. Sun.

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