These streets

These streets
These streets begin to seem like the end of the world.
With a backlit sky and torn-up cobblestones
we dress in suits and heels to go to dinner
sweating gently in leftover heat
while a gravel voice plays on the radio

‘For rent’ scribbled on empty storefronts hints
what might have been.
The ice cream on the corner has a line around the block.
Two boys on bicycles hop the curb, first on then off.
Condensation drips down fire escapes from air conditioners above
and a lean-muscled woman with tan summer hair
curves her fingers around one last hazy cigarette.

So this week… 

A product experience I worked on was described as “less annoying”:

Here’s the official announcement: 

I almost always love what I do, but this has been a different kind of thing to work on. I hope it is helpful to somebody who needs it. I wish it were less needed.

A modern Bechdel test* for tech

Six people walk into a conference room for a meeting. They chat briefly about their weekends, what they had for lunch, then dive right into their project discussion.

They get all the way through the meeting without bothering to mention that four of the six people are women.

* Bechdel test


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